Make employee appraisals professional

Duration: 2 days
Participants: max. 10
Detailed seminar documents
Vorstellungsgesprch: Personalchef mit zuknftigen Arbeitnehmer
The mark of a good leader is the ability to communicate respectfully and effectively at the same time, especially in difficult conversations. Making employee appraisals constructive is a challenge that even "old ones" do not learn.

In this seminar, the participants will learn strategies and techniques of interviewing in employee interviews. They reflect and train their behavior through role plays and case studies.


Participating executives learn to properly prepare and structure employee appraisals. In addition, the handling of difficult topics and employees is practiced and internalized through role-plays. The participants also learn and apply strategies for constructive discussion. Proper application of strategies and instruments will result in future employee appraisals resulting in greater commitment and commitment.


General principles of communication

  • Factors influencing success
  • What is communication?
  • How does communication work?
  • Needs and satisfaction of needs

Basic rules for employee appraisals

  • Own attitude and needs
  • Hiring and needs of the employee
  • The conversational atmosphere and framework conditions

Special features of the types of calls

  • Praise and recognition
  • Feedback and assessment
  • Criticism and blame
  • Warning, transfer, and termination
The ideal conversation process

  • The conversation phases
  • The contents of the conversation
  • Phases
  • The phase transitions

Interview techniques

  • Questioning Techniques
  • Trust techniques
  • Techniques of conflict confrontation
  • Formulation techniques
  • Dealing with confrontation, attack, and insult
  • Dealing with withdrawal, defense, blame

Situational conversation

  • Meet different employee types verbally „correctly“
  • „Right“ behavior towards different types of employees


Lecture, doctrinal conversation, group work, individual work, practice-oriented role-playing games

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