• 1996


    Ralf Juhre founded RJ-Training. Two years later, it was converted to rj-training + beratung GmbH or simply RJ Group. Under the direction of Mr. Juhre, a network of around 50 trainers from Germany and Switzerland emerged, which specialized primarily in management training.

  • 2003

    Further development

    Under the umbrella of rj-training + beratung GmbH, a system house and five institutes with different emphases emerged: Institute for Social Competence Training for Engineers and Technicians (ISIT), Institute for Leadership and Corporate Culture Development (IFU), Institute for Sales Optimization (IVO), Institute for Community Development and Management (IGG) and the Institute for Systemic Informatics (ISYS). In the end, the six divisions of rj-training + beratung GmbH were integrated into these institutes: training, consulting, coaching, outdoor, academy and publishing house. What initially started as ISIT, has become the main focus of the rj group over the years - specializing in companies with predominantly engineers and technicians.

  • 2011

    New Name

    In October, the rj group relocated its headquarters to Hanau, offering its customers not only a central location but also in-house seminar rooms. With the new premises, the company name changed as well. True to the main target group - the engineers - the name ingenior was embraced.

  • 2014

    Uniform brand

    The uniform brand ingenior is represented by ingenior training & consulting GmbH and ingenior Berlin GmbH since year 2014.

  • 2016


    Ingenior training & consulting GmbH moves into new premises in Bruchköbel. There, the event of the popular ImpulsTALK series will continue. A format that brings together business executives, HR managers and trainers in a brunch to discuss current and important topics.

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