Individual or Team Coachings

You have to know yourself well in order to change.

Coaching is targeted support and development of personal processes – a kind of employee training and support across all hierarchy levels.

Theoretical knowledge is important – but it isn’t any good unless it comes from the „head in the hands“. Coaching is one of the most outstanding and intensive tools for putting theory into practice.

Together with you or your team, we define a goal. Your personal solution strategies can be found in our support for self-awareness and self-reflection.

Online Coachings

All coaching sessions can also be conducted with virtual parts. Depending on the topic and group, you can combine online modules and classroom seminars, relocate your own and group work to virtual rooms and thus reduce attendance time, or let the complete coaching take place online as a webinar. Participants and trainers meet on special seminar platforms for virtual coaching with all methods that lead to success (individual and group work, lectures, presentations, discussions, etc.).

Your benefit:


  • Flexible number of participants
  • Appointments can be realized at shorter notice, as virtual seminar rooms are always available.
  • Savings on both direct costs (travel costs, accommodation) Low absenteeism rate, as employees from different locations can participate.
  • Reduced time expenditure for your employees as there are no travel times. Shorter training sessions are also profitable.


Coaching Settings

One-on-One Coaching
Active Coaching
"Remote maintenance"
via Skype or Conference Call

Coaching Events


Permanent change is a characteristic of our society.

Change in the work area, changes in the professional role, promotions, new tasks, new challenges, other projects, restructurings or mergers up to the transition to retirement. It is not always easy to adapt to the pace of our time.

We support you in dealing with such changes and help you find your personal place in them.


Crises, conflicts, disagreements. The lack of a productive culture of debate is not only destructive but also commonplace in the working environment of most people. This quickly leads to fighting, retreat and poor performance – sometimes even significant damage to health.

To stop such destructive processes and even move in a positive direction, we offer you personal and intensive employee support, which restores your life and work balance.

Development oriented

Development and development phases in companies often prove to be very challenging situations. Uncertainties and fears affect the daily processes and make it difficult to successfully carry out the planned activities.

We help you to clarify such difficult business situations and (project) activities and help you to better deal with change processes.

Career Coaching
- Profession finding
- New orientation

Your qualification is no longer required? To the degree that you may lose your job? You are in the wrong place with the wrong tasks? Your work does not satisfy you or not anymore? Does your career falter? Do you want to evolve? Do you want to get to know something new?

Career planning is not only a necessary milestone at the beginning of professional life but a permanent process until the end of your working life. We support you in your professional location and redefinition and help you to (re) discover your competencies, interests, strengths, and desires.

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