ingenior Analysis and Feedback tools

Advantages of web-based feedback systems:

  • With web-based feedback systems, the survey is carried out via the PC screen.
  • Theoretically, unlimited evaluations can be used simultaneously.
  • The evaluation can be called up immediately at the push of a button and can be used conveniently as a PDF file for your own documentation.

ingenior 360 Degree Feedback

“Every change begins with an honest look in the mirror!”

Selection of feedback sensors: When you carry out the ingenior 360 ° feedback, the manager to be evaluated chooses max. five people to give feedback. These five persons can be own employees, customers or even suppliers. By e-mail, the persons are sent an access code for a website, to log into the feedback system and answer the questions conveniently online. If all feedback is available and the manager has given a “self-image”, the data is automatically summarized and statistically evaluated. The evaluation can either be viewed immediately on the PC or retrieved via PDF.

ingenior culture analysis

“Secure the future viability of your company.”

When you do an in-house culture review in the business, you first identify a pool of representative people who take part in the survey. A quick test of about 40 questions provides a rough overview of the culture of your home. At the critical points of the business, you can advance to the bottom of “mold culture” through more detailed questions. The evaluation then provides visible and accurate starting points for development measures.

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