Team development by ingenior outdoor

When does one speak of good teamwork?
When the individual grows beyond himself and brings his potential into the team in such a way that challenges are mastered together with open communication, effective cooperation, creative ideas and genuine trust in each other.

ingenior outdoor team training’s use the learning field of nature to develop teams sustainably. Leaving a familiar environment is usually the key to growth and change. We work potential-oriented, without excluding problems. Complex experiential educational tasks and actions challenge the teams and targeted reflection promotes understanding of the processes within the team and ensures transfer into everyday working life.

Change of Setting = Change of Mind

Well-established ways of thinking and behaving are obstacles to learning and change. For over 10 years we have been observing and experiencing the effectiveness of the above principle in team development and coaching. When participants leave their personal comfort zone and go into nature, this sets impulses for behavioral changes.

Living naturally, learning naturally

ingenior outdoor avoids the balancing act between a luxury hotel and campfire wherever possible. For us, outdoor training is not a staging of experiences, but an authentic life in nature for a limited period of time. Nature offers us an attractive learning field in which patterns of behavior become immediately visible. The accommodation in simple tents or huts and the catering with simple food are challenge and fuel for the team spirit at the same time.

Challenge and support

Complex experiential educational tasks and challenges challenge the teams to solve problems creatively. It becomes clear that teams develop their full potential and real team spirit when the weaknesses of the individual members are addressed and the strengths are fully exploited. Targeted action and reflection promote understanding of team processes and team roles at ingenior outdoor. In this way, teams grow beyond themselves and are fun to work with.

Like in real life

The effect and sustainability of outdoor training’s strongly depend on the training design as well as the reflection and transfer competence of the accompanying trainers. ingenior outdoor trainers are professional behavior trainers in the profit area. Targeted conception and practical relevance are always in the foreground for us. We work in experiential education where it makes sense and sustainable learning success can be achieved. That is why we like to embed outdoor training in longer-term concepts (e.g. leadership and cultural development).

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