"Wherever people follow another without force or pressure, there is, of course, recognized (leadership) authority."Ralf Juhre

Leadership authority is regarded as a “you either have it or not” – that’s a misconception! You can develop your leadership authority, improve it and thus unleash your full potential. Ingenior has developed special programs for this purpose.

This increases your natural leadership authority:


The behavior of the superior has a decisive influence on the loyalty, identification, commitment and loyalty of the employees to their company.


The focus of management activities on the needs and motives of each employee determines the degree of employee motivation.

Willingness to change

The employees’ willingness to change is dependent on the perceived willingness to change of the management and on clear, needs-oriented communication.


The manager’s task is to align the performance with the objectives and at the same time to design processes in such a way that the employee’s potential is optimally challenged and promoted, which leads to high performance.

Read more about this topic in the book of the same name by Ralf Juhre:

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