ingenior Cultural Mirror

Growth and Mold culture

The starting point for the development of the ingenior cultural mirror were the countless insights into companies: It is about the insight that the best performances only flourish on the best soil. If the land of a company is in good shape, the resulting performance will also be outstanding. If the land is mediocre, the harvest and fruit will also be mediocre. That’s why we start with the soil, the culture of a company, the “business agriculture”. How healthy and fertile is the soil of your company and where has harmful “mold” already established itself, preventing any growth? This shown accurately by our ingenior cultural mirror.

The ingenior cultural mirror is web-based and modular. That’s why it can also be used flexibly. A quick test shows the first tendency and with very detailed question items we get to the bottom of the “mold” and search for “spores”. The ingenior cultural mirror is based on the three main dimensions passion (professionalism and commitment), courage (forward thinking and risk mentality) and integrity (sincerity and honesty). These three main dimensions are divided into eight main categories:

1. Engagement
2. Implementation performance
3. Work ethics
4. Strategic awareness
5. Development potential
6. Social ethics
7. Cross-linking quality
8. Service ethics

These include 19 guiding dimensions with 124 subdimensions and finally 496 question items to precisely identify the “mold cultures” that prevent growth.


By means of a quick test, a rough first overview is determined. The test then ensures that those question items and dimensions that currently have the greatest added value for the cultural growth of the company are selected meaningfully.

Are you interested in a cultural mirror for your company?