Benefits instead of wasted time

Did you know that 84 percent of all lectures are considered boring and 97 percent need improvement? No wonder, then, that many listeners switch off and long for the end!

If a meeting or presentation is scheduled in the department, the first thought for many is “wasting time…”. Often the moderator is not sufficiently prepared and does not get to the point or the argumentation is not convincing.

If you are in the role of the moderator yourself, you will notice how difficult it is to convince critical listeners.

To infect, inspire and convince others – this ability is essential for personal success.

How to attract critical audiences

“Step on your feet, speak up, finish soon!” (Martin Luther)


Prepare well for these points:

  1. What is my topic? (What do I want to say?)
  2. What is my goal? (convince, inform, motivate, appeal,…)
  3. Who is my audience? (Level of knowledge, interests, age…)
  4. Compilation of the material and preparation of the presentation material
  5. Conclusion (conclusion and end)

Use the drama formula of Aristotle

Prepare well for these points:

  • I. Attract attention, e.g. by making a provocative statement at the beginning, by asking questions to the audience or by making a topical reference. Also anecdotes, jokes or even purposefully built-in speech breaks keep the listeners at the bar.
  • II. Call topic, so that your listeners can adjust to it. Don’t take the subject too broadly and don’t digress.
  • III. Address feelings and arouse the imagination. Illustrate with pictures and metaphors. Use personal examples and comparisons. Exaggerations and rhetorical questions are also helpful stylistic devices.
  • IV. Addressing the mind through numbers, data, and facts.

Whoever convinces the world rules it.
– Thomas Carlyle

Our offer to you

In the workshop “Arguing confidently and convincingly” you will learn to really arouse the interest of your audience and win them over to your cause. Through role plays and their evaluation, you will become aware of the effect of your individual language and body language. Increase your presentation success effectively through a better, self-confident appearance.

Trainer recommendation

Our trainer for your success: Peter German, Senior Expert for Leadership and communication subjects

  • Executive development
  • Communication
  • Client orientation
  • Sales optimization

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