Change - if you do it, do it right!

In my everyday life as an organizational developer, I notice that the same mistakes are made again and again in change processes. Those affected are far too seldom turned into real participants – rather, those involved are affected by bad procedures. A good part of the resistance to change that occurs is thus homemade.

In approaching and dealing with change, many change managers still criminally underestimate the fact that people need a period of emotional acceptance. A change is only “mature” when its necessity has really been understood. Nevertheless, change processes are often carried out without the appropriate participation of those affected. However, the extent and quality of the participation of those affected are essential for the successful implementation of change processes, regardless of whether they are company mergers, plant relocations or cultural changes.

The Change Manager as mourning counselor

Every change triggers a mourning process that must be endured and accompanied. Any attempt to shorten this process by ignoring or skipping individual phases sooner or later takes revenge elsewhere.

My book “Ethisch durch Veränderungen führen” has been published in a revised edition by LIT-Verlag under the title “Change Management – mit den Menschen für die Menschen”.

It is now available in our shop for € 29,90.

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