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Leaders play a key role in the change process. They are affected and responsible at the same time. In order to successfully master the challenge, the manager must become a change agent. For this, it is important to face your own fears. Because even as a leader and a catalyst for change, you will not always be 100% sure that you are doing the right thing. In this phase, managers can be supported by a professional, external coach. Only when the manager stands behind the change process can he or she help his or her employees to face the innovations. In addition to their own conviction, it is important that the manager also has the necessary knowledge and skills:


Dealing with oneself – personal competence

Required knowledge and skills of a change manager

Goal orientation, self-reflection, self-confidence, courage, structured approach, positive attitude towards change

Dealing with others – character competence

Clear communication, persuasiveness, enthusiasm, influencing, showing advantages, encouraging, correcting, enforcing

Dealing with the task – professional competence

Know-how in project management, knowledge of methods and tools

Craftsmanship = Professionalism

The core of every change project is the overcoming of the fears of those involved – also a task of the manager. Many managers respect this. The following catalog of measures can help the managers concerned to act optimally in change situations in the future:

  1. Recognizing fears
  2. Accept fears
  3. Take anxiety seriously
  4. Allow fears
  5. Look at fears
  6. Accompanying anxiety management

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