Good employees? You have to earn them!

Because: Everyone gets the employees they deserve!

There are good reasons to talk to employees, such as praise and recognition. However, there are also less pleasant occasions, such as misconduct on the part of the employee or operational changes that affect the employee’s working relationship.

No matter whether it is a problem solution, bad news or criticism. Even for “old hands” it is an unavoidable challenge to conduct staff appraisals correctly. The characteristic feature of a good manager is the ability to communicate respectfully and effectively at the same time, especially in difficult conversations. But how do you find the perfect balance?


Why employee appraisals fail

Avoiding mistakes is not always successful. However, it is crucial to become aware of the situation and the possible mistakes and to question oneself again and again.

Because when a manager:

  • not listening attentively
  • under time pressure the conversation is conducted
  • is biased
  • searches for fast patent solutions
  • unstructured into the conversation goes
  • done other things on the side

the employee interview is doomed to failure. Treat your employee as you would like to be treated.


This is how it works: Tips for effective communication

  • Be clear in advance about what you want to communicate
  • Develop a clear concept of your thoughts and feelings
  • “Words themselves have no meaning, but people attribute them one” – be clear whether the words and actions used to mean the same to the recipient as they do to you
  • Pay your full attention to your counterpart
  • Listen actively – i.e. encourage through feedback, do not interrupt the interviewer, avoid “filter effects”, pay attention to the thoughts and feelings behind the words
  • Try to reproduce the words and behaviors of the sender to make sure that you have understood them correctly

“If you don’t know where you’re going,
doesn’t have to wonder,
when he arrives somewhere else.”
– after Robert F. Mager –

Trainer recommendation

Joint corporate success? Does not work alone!
Even the goals of the company can only be achieved together with the employees and with mutual acceptance.

Our trainers for your success: Peter German, Senior Expert for the following topics:

  • Executive development
  • Communication
  • Client orientation
  • Sales optimization

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