Healthy interaction with customers and suppliersGesundheit - 5/6

In healthy companies, success is not based on the harm done to others. Healthy companies do not make losers. Neither the supplier nor the customer nor the employee is exploited and made a loser. Exactly this is, however, the today prevailing model in particular of many large companies. The fact that this exploitation model is not systemically balanced and thus cannot lead to entrepreneurial success in the long term is as certain as our knowledge that balancing justice is sought in every system. The fewer losers there are, the more stable a system is. This fact leads to healthy companies using all the levers to avoid that there are losers in the company’s system.

Excellence at all levels always emerges by itself where there are no losers.

If everyone is a winner, everyone gives their best, because the condition is optimal. If someone feels like a loser, he will make his bet dependent on how much a winning position can be expected. It is therefore almost logical that healthy companies do everything they can to ensure that not only does nobody feel like a loser, but also that nobody is a loser, neither the supplier, nor the customer, nor the employee.

The opposite can be observed at the moment. Many companies are pursuing the declared strategy of improving their profits on the basis of better strategic exploitation of suppliers, employees, and customers. Such an approach inevitably leads to the loss of stability and resilience as well as sustainability and uncertainty of the continued existence of the company. Even if the aforementioned effects do not occur immediately, the effect after the dam has broken is all the more devastating for the company.

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