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Which really successful companies can you think of? Think of companies that are innovative. Can you think of them? Could it be that innovative companies are particularly successful?

Actually, it seems logical that innovation brings success. A competitive advantage lies precisely in the fact that the competition does not own it. However, the word “innovation” is usually not understood in its entirety.

You can only call something innovation when you have pushed it through against the resistance of the environment (according to Joseph Schumpeter).

This is where many companies fail that want to bring about innovation in a convulsive way. They equate innovation with profit and return. The real purpose of innovation is to benefit customers and society. After all, good marketing is not about imposing anything on customers.

Healthy companies…

  • …pay close attention to the benefits that innovation should bring to all.
  • …encourage their employees to actively approach innovations and contribute ideas.
  • …are oriented towards long-term success and want to act sustainably.
  • …know that innovations do not always prevail directly and sometimes take time (the first smartphones were already available in the mid-90s, but only with moderate success at that time).

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