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Many business relationships suffer from a lack of sustainability. What is the reason for this? In short, our observation and research show that this phenomenon can be traced back to one cause: business relationships ultimately break down because one person wants to exploit the other or even exploit him one-sidedly – in other words, still seeks his personal profit even when the other person is already on the ground. Being made a loser involves a loss of face.

In some contexts, it can be experienced how the limits are maintained for a certain period of time, for example, to study the system or the other person. After the system or counterpart has been recorded and access to its system has been created, border observation is abandoned and only one’s own advantage is sought. The partner is therefore used as a stirrup for the personal success that is sought. After initially possibly good and successful cooperation, a perceived or actual imbalance arises. The relationship is doomed to failure from the moment the imbalance occurs.

It lacks a solid foundation: integrity. To be integer means to be connected in the relationship and not isolated. Many problems of our time can be traced back to individualization. This affects individuals as well as organizations. Connectedness arises from the fact that the boundary of the other is preserved. If this happens, then the feeling of appreciation is preserved. If the border of the other is (repeatedly) violated, then the person whose border is violated feels a lack of appreciation and distances himself from this intruder.

Only if both sides are permanent winners and also feel this way, will the basis of a lasting bond remain. The foundation is laid for real excellence to have a chance. Excellence only develops when everyone gives their best and this requires a positive motivation. Both parties give their utmost to the task since they are winners.

What stands in the way of acting with integrity in order to achieve a win-win situation?

Frequently, those who break the bond (integrity) are not aware of the consequences of their actions at this moment. How is this possible? From their own point of view they consistently pursue their personal goals. The focus on goals is so strong that there is no perception that one’s own actions violate the limits of others and thus destroy the relationship. If one then points this out to such an actor, understanding and insight are often lacking. The relationship is no longer viable.

The cause of this human action is the strong self-centredness inherent in man. Man revolves around himself and follows his possibilities. The more ambitious and ambitious the goals and fantasies, the more ambitious the commitment and means may be. To value the goals of others would mean to preserve their limits and thus generate connectedness. If individual or institutional narcissism breaks out and finally penetrates foreign systems in disregard of borders, it has a destructive effect on the relationship. In doing so, he destroys above all the excellence that would arise in a partnership.

Many other conflicts in organizations as well as in cooperation with suppliers and customers are due to narcissism in the actions of individuals and organizations. The urge for self-realization and the search for one’s own advantage originate from human nature. Up to a certain point, self-centeredness is a justified virtue. Especially when it comes to reflecting on oneself in order to develop and learn. If self-centredness beats the strands and makes use of the resources of others in the absence of other alternatives and by accepting border violations, it has a destructive and destructive effect. All participants then have to live with the consequences. The supposed winners have not really landed on the sunny side, because they have blocked their possibility of excellence themselves by separating the (performance) relationship.

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