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Learning is like rowing against the stream. If you stop, you drift back.

Sunday afternoon. Peter Hoffmann, manager of an international company, packs his suitcase. His flight to Tokyo, an international business meeting, leaves in just four hours. 100 unread e-mails are waiting, his superior is hanging in the line and his presentation is not yet finished. Family and leisure have been neglected for years anyway. Many managers – not only those at the top – have this everyday life.

How is there still time for further education? That’s impossible, isn’t it?
Wrong thought! The solution – online training’s!


E-Learning is more than just a trend. It is the future!

Whether on the couch at home, in the office or on the airplane. Online training’s offer a new, flexible form of further education, according to your wishes!

5 reasons why online training’s improve the further education of your employees!

  1. Both “mass training’s” (unlimited number of participants) and individual training’s are possible.
  2. Flexibility and adaptability according to the availability of the course participants (time and place).
  3. Individualization according to the competences and defined learning goals.
  4. Savings in indirect costs associated with classroom training (travel, accommodation, etc.) and reduced logistics (room rental, cancellation costs, etc.).
  5. Both the work results and training documents that can be updated in the long term are made available.

Our offer to you

Our presence seminars can all also be booked online. Depending on the topic and group you can:

Combine online modules and classroom seminars, relocate your own and group work to virtual rooms and thus reduce attendance time, or
to have the complete seminar take place online as a webinar, with all methods that lead to success (individual work, group work, lecture, presentations, discussions, etc.)

Trainer recommendation

Our trainer for your success: Karina Hagemann, Senior Expert for Online Trainings

  • Communication
  • Conflicts
  • Resilience
  • Time management

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