Thorsten LeinerTrainer, Consultant and Coach


Competent managers are the linchpin for the company’s success.

Thorsten Leiner gained international leadership experience before concentrating on leadership development in 1997 as a coach. His goal is the sustainable development of leadership skills, which is why his seminars and coaching have high practical relevance. Only when acquired knowledge is implemented in everyday professional life does it become anchored in behavior over the long term.

At a glance

  • Motto

    Competent managers are the linchpin for the company's success.

  • Qualifications

    - Studied business administration and graduated in business administration
    - 3-year part-time psychological education
    - tempus®-Trainer certification
    - HBDI certified trainer
    - Trainer training at the Institute for Creative Learning, Lindlar
    - 3-year Systemic Coaching Training, Progressio GmbH, Hannover (EAS and IHK)

  • A-Competences

    - It is important to Thorsten Leiner to release and develop people's abilities. He conveys seminar contents in such a positive way that participants regularly have a sense of achievement during the training and are thus motivated to co-operate in the implementation in everyday life.


Leadership development
Self and goal management
Time management
Team development
Training's in English
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