Controlling time

Duration: 2 days
Participants: min. 8, max. 12
Detailed seminar documents
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Effective time, goal and self-management

In today’s hustle and bustle of working life, it’s more important than ever to be well-organized, to be in control of yourself, your work and your time – and not the other way around.

However, good time management involves much more than just scheduling and organizing techniques. A holistic view of dealing with time also includes the individual requirements of different personalities as well as the professional and private requirements and goals.


In addition to practical tips and techniques, the participants train their personal self, goal and time management. On the follow-up day, the experiences will be evaluated and sharpened. After the seminar, you will know which habits you should change and how you can better manage yourself, your goals and your time.


Attitude and habits
  • Requirements for healthy time and self-management
  • From the victim role to the designer role
  • Develop positive attitudes
  • Characteristic of effective habits
Understanding time behavior
  • Find out the individual time management type (according to disc)
  • Strengths and challenges in time management
Goals and priorities
  • The importance of goals for active time management
  • Defining areas of life and roles
  • Set and formulate realistic goals
  • Make a hasty and important difference
  • The Eisenhower principle
  • Prevent stress and burnout
Work-Life-Balance and burnout
  • How to get a burnout?
  • How endangered am I (stress test)?
  • How do I successfully prevent burnout?
Planning and organization
  • Plan work steps and time requirements
  • Phases of work organization
  • Generate trouble-free times
  • Weekly and monthly planning
  • Project Planning
  • Schedule systems (Outlook / Notes)
  • Always available? The healthy handling of mobile phones and handhelds
Emails and paperwork
  • Desk organizer and filing system
  • Folder and e-mail structure
  • The 2-minute rule
  • Ensure flow
Disturbing factors
  • Analyze interruptions
  • Reduce confounding factors
  • Successfully say „no“
  • Expose time-killers and defeat them
Other topics
  • Establish an efficient meeting culture
  • Learning effective delegation
  • Successfully combat postponement
  • And other topics


Trainer input, group work, presentation and feedback, individual work,

partner work, discussion, personal action plan, individual coaching

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