Convincing Communication

Duration: 2 days
Participants: min. 8 max. 12
Detailed seminar documents
Knowing the needs and desires of their counterparts and skillfully use them for their own reasoning can lead to successful negotiations.

In this seminar, you will learn about conversation techniques that form the basis for trusting and recipient-oriented communication.


Every day we are confronted with convincing others – be it the spouse, the customer or the boss. The outcome of the conversation is not random but depends on your communication skills and the techniques used. In addition, you will learn to actively use non-verbal communication to reinforce messages while communicating them authentically and credibly.


General principles of communication
  • Business consequences of efficient and inefficient communication
  • Factors influencing success in communication
  • Influencing and manipulating the difference
  • What does communication mean?
  • How does communication work?
Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Causes and reasons for the communication behavior of people
  • The vocabulary of both languages
  • Customer-oriented body language
  • Customer-oriented language
Techniques of conversation control
  • Effectively influencing the conversation atmosphere
  • Target trust techniques
  • Skilfully use questioning techniques
  • Learn to listen actively
  • Use conviction techniques safely
  • Use control techniques
  • Advantage – Benefit – Apply to reason
Dealing with complaints
  • Collecting techniques
  • Call control techniques
Conflict techniques
  • Conflict – what is the problem?
  • Chances and risks of conflicts
  • Customer-oriented conflict and confrontation strategies
Handling different types of conversation
  • DISC – behavioral typology
  • Type-related conversation behavior
  • Practice type-appropriate interviewing
  • Special


Lecture, doctrinal talk, discussion, group work, individual work,

partner work, role play, conversation and situation training (with video)

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