Dealing with (unwanted) Change

Duration: 2 days
Participants: min. 8, max. 12
Detailed seminar documents
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How to constructively deal with change!

Changes are scary! Reorganization processes in the company force employees to let go of „cherished old things“ and to deal with new things. How do you manage to remain personally stable during and after changes? Instead of standstill and paralysis, anxiety management, courage and the ability to get involved in new things are in demand.


Being able to perceive the opportunities in the change, instead of paralyzing them in the face of the threats, is a prerequisite for personally coping with change processes. The participants test their current behavior in dealing with changes and learn to know and appreciate alternatives. This seminar is about finding individual positive strategies for dealing with change.


Change and now?
  • Self-perception in change processes
  • The phases of change according to Lewin and Fatzer
  • Successfully design transition processes
My type of change
  • Feedback exercise
  • Summary of human change types
  • Cooperation
  • Tensions in the team in case of changes
  • Development opportunities
What does change to us?
  • Exercise
  • Follow negative attitude to change
  • Positive attitude
Assessment of my situation
  • Assessment of the situation
  • Loss of stability
  • Opportunities for the new situation
Cycles of change
  • Keep cycle
  • Change cycle
  • Exercise
Consequences of negative change
  • Consequences of irreconcilable action


Self-reflection, test, dialogue, lecture, exercises, group, and partner work

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