Foundations of Leadership

Duration: 2 days
Participants: max. 10
Detailed seminar documents
Optional: coaching
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Nothing is more important for the climate in the workplace and for the quality of the work result than motivated employees!

What motivates or demotivates people? What is leadership and how does one obtain authority? Which mistakes should the manager avoid? What are the errors about leadership?


Participants learn the basics of leadership, leadership styles, and motivation techniques, and learn how leadership can succeed. The seminar is aimed at

people who have only recently started or will take on leadership roles and experienced executives who would like to revisit the foundations of leadership.


Basic human needs

  • Needs to leading people
  • Own needs
  • Motivation and personality
  • Myth motivation

Leadership principles, leadership techniques, and styles

  • Errors about leadership and executives
  • Role and task of a manager
  • Principles of human conduct
  • Leadership styles and leadership techniques

Model of situational leadership

  • Competence and commitment
  • Situational leadership style

Leadership practice

  • Reflect on your own style of leadership
  • Develop your own leadership style
  • Group dynamics and team development
  • Dealing with power and hierarchy
  • Dealing with conflicts
Interviewing as a leader

  • Lead motivational conversation (guide)
  • Lead a discussion (guide)
  • Conduct appraisal interviews (guide)
  • Systematic conflict analysis and discussion of conflicts (guideline)

Leading in „difficult“ situations

  • Lead between toleration and confrontation
  • Guidance by goal
  • Leadership through motivation
  • Guidance and feedback – Johari window

Avoid leadership mistakes

  • Know and avoid leadership mistakes
  • Consequences of leadership mistakes
  • Collegial coaching and other leadership aids


Lectures, group work, discussion, dialogue scenes and exercises, feedback, handling of practice cases

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