Leading in times of Transition

Duration: 2 days
Participants: min. 8, max. 12
Detailed seminar documents
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When managing uncertainty becomes the FIRST management task...

While change requires in particular knowledge of effective change project management as well as the phase models of change, executives need to have skills in dealing with insecurity, inconsistency, and complexity in transitional periods.


Transition times are frightening because they are accompanied by feelings like powerlessness and loss of control. They cost a lot of strength and are therefore often triggers for individual fatigue and burnout. Most leaders have never learned to lead in transition states and have little or no skills. How do you succeed in remaining stable in uncertain times and how do you successfully lead employees through transitional periods? The participants reflect on their leadership behavior in the transition process and learn to recognize and appreciate alternatives to their own behavior.


  • Why this topic is topical and vital for leaders
  • Definitions
  • Disambiguation
  • Demarcation change and transition
  • What happens in transition processes?
  • Phase model by Ralf Juhre
Management of Change
  • Phase model and challenges of leading in changes
  • Competence requirements for managers
  • The manager as a process attendant
  • Do’s and Dont’s / reasons for failure
Leading in transition processes
  • Fundamental challenges
  • Necessary competencies of the leader
  • Competencies of the guided person
  • Factors of success/failure factors
  • Cognitive behavioral theory
  • Recognize and change mental models
  • Right questions – yourself and the staff
  • Addressing/dealing with uncertainty/anxiety
  • Competent handling of contradictions
  • Living with complexity
  • Recognize, understand, classify loss of control


Self-reflection, test, dialogue, lecture, exercises, group and partner work, possibly role play with evaluation

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