Living and working healthier and more successfully, through more mindfulness

Living and working healthier and more successfully, through more mindfulness

Duration: 1 day 6-8h
Participants: min. 5, max. 20
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Healthier and more successful lives and work

Many people long for more structure and peace in everyday life. We are faced with the challenge of balancing the often-different elements of our lives – partnership, children, family, work, volunteering, leisure, sports, … – with their aspirations and expectations.

We learn so much today, but too little about who we are, how we tick and what we need in order to live healthily and effectively in the long term. Some people know how to do it in theory, but when it comes to putting this knowledge into practice, there are problems.


In the workshop, the participants get to know the physical mechanisms of stress, they also get to know themselves better and become self-conscious. In this way, they get a real chance to develop, train, and establish their own balance and structure in life.

The subsequent individual coaching gives the opportunity to work specifically on the challenges of the individual participant, to develop helpful strategies and to train them in the company of the coach over a longer period of time, so that a beneficial change in lifestyle actually bears fruit: the participant becomes more balanced, lives healthier, and is also more relaxed and focused at work. Burnout is taken care of, absences due to illness and exhaustion are minimized.


The physiology of stress
  • What happens when my body is permanently under stress?
Zurich resources model
  • How the interplay of the Great Brain and the Limbic System works?
  • How the scientific legitimacy of the gut feeling makes my life easier?
Sympathetic and parasympathetic
  • How do I activate these two friends in my life?
Resilience training
  • How can I get out of a crisis stronger?
  • As my thinking determines my feelings and vice versa!


Lecture, conversation, group work,

personal reflection, body awareness

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