A date with your parasympathetic nervous system

Do you also know people who seem to be unperturbed by nothing, who always have time for a smile and a short conversation in the midst of all the hustle and bustle and demands? Have you ever envied such people and wondered where they actually get this calmness from?
The quality described is called resilience. It is the ability to deal with stress and crises, to cope with setbacks and to learn from them profitably for future challenges.

This resilience has developed into an important core competency for managers and is an indispensable ability to live healthily and efficiently in the long term.


Resilience – A core competence for managers

As a manager, you and your team are challenged to meet the defined performance requirements. This is particularly challenging in situations where more and more work has to be distributed among fewer and fewer top performers. At the same time, the pace of change in many companies is rapid.  Market changes, internal restructuring, mergers and the like often add a latent sense of insecurity to the pressure to perform.

Managers are doubly challenged here. On the one hand, you have to balance these requirements for yourself, on the other hand, it is your task to transport this into your team.


Parasympathetic nervous system – your new friend

Resilience is a learnable ability that can be increased by regular training. A first step could be a date with your parasympathetic nervous system. Do you already know it? If not, you should definitely get to know him! Because our body lives on the principle of stress recovery – we need to live both the effort and phases of recovery.


Do you already know how best to recharge your batteries? 

The parasympathetic nervous system – a part of our vegetative nervous system – is responsible for the fact that we come down again after hard work and much effort and refuel strength. The little guy jumps at each of us quite differently. Some go jogging, others go to the pub, others have to read for hours undisturbed. How is that with you? What do you need to arrive in active recreation? Targeted parasympathetic activation is an important step towards more resilience and long-term performance.

Trainer recommendation

Mastering the challenges of life through balance and structure – Offer your employees the chance to live healthy and productive lives in the long term!

Our trainer for your success: Tina Tschage, Senior Expert for successful Stress Management!

  • Burnout prophylaxis, education about physical and mental stress states
  • Self-care and mindfulness training
  • Discovery of leisure and resilience
  • Team development, crisis management
  • Coaching and training for women in companies
  • Crisis coaching

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