Effective instead of chaotic

With clear time and stress management to success!

The demands in the profession are getting higher and higher. Too many emails, one appointment chases the other and the phone keeps ringing. Are you also under pressure and have the feeling that your time is running out? Are you wondering how you can recognize the essentials, coordinate and prioritize your varied tasks, keep track of things and achieve your goals?

Efficiency through clear formulation

Executives are particularly at risk of “suffocating their work”, whether they have no clear goals and priorities or are torn between the demands of work and family life. Here, a clear value base and a life vision geared to it help to develop valuable goals and ultimately be more effective.

Your way to the goal!

You can work out the process of your reorientation on the basis of the answers to the following questions:

  1. What are my personal and professional values?
  2. What vision for my life is derived from these values?
  3. What goals result from this?

Your personal betting box against “postponeritis”:

In the beginning, your trainees have to answer many questions for themselves:

  • I start
  • I’m changing my attitude
  • I work in small time units
  • I applaud myself
  • I apply the salami tactics (“slices” of preparation)
  • I take advice
  • I set a work start date
  • I work under the motto “lust before frustration”
  • I strengthen my self-confidence
  • I make a list of my tasks
  • I set priorities
  • I delegate
  • I eliminate disruptive factors
  • I say no
  • I redefine goals
  • I change decisions
  • I control my goals

Our offer to you

Our Workshop “Time and Self Management” 

  • shows you the causes and consequences of stress and how you can learn how to deal with it properly
  • lets you recognize your personal stress patterns
  • helps you to set clear and correct priorities and to use working time techniques in a meaningful way
  • shows you the individual steps to personal time sovereignty and effectiveness
  • helps you with personal self-management in everyday life
  • offers you ways to maintain new skills

A sense of achievement, more energy, new freedom

The learned strategies for a holistic way of life as well as helpful principles and laws enable you to establish an efficient and effective way of working.

Trainer recommendation

Our trainer for your success: Thorsten Leiner, Senior Expert für Self- and Time Management

  • Time management
  • Self-management
  • Target management
  • Communication

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