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“Tell me when you were born and I’ll tell you how you work.” Companies used to have it easy – they chose the right candidates from a large number of applicants. That has changed: Qualified employees can choose which employer they would like to work for.

War for Talents – the battle for the best

It goes without saying that in the competition for young talent, companies that are best prepared for future generations are ahead of the pack. Those who persistently rely on outdated structures and management models will eventually discover that there is a shortage of young talent and that the average age of employees is rising.

The reason for this is not just demographic change – values, motivation, and views of life have changed time and again over the generations. Where the baby boomers still lived to work, the currently courted Generation Z cultivates “work-life separation”, i.e. strict separation of professional and private life!

Was everything better in the past?

Burnout prophylaxis is unnecessary here – Generation Z can switch off and is rarely tempted to burden himself with professional problems after work. Supervisors who equate this attitude with laziness and disinterest will emerge as “losers”:  Young talents are not influenced by these negative signals and will move on without digression. Possible successors are already confronted and deterred by the unwanted attitude of the allegedly “unwilling to work” predecessor during the interview – the candidate will decide on the offer of the competitor who, for example, is open to creative breaks during working hours, for today’s generation!

Employer brand

This change determines the fact that companies are now taking up the applicant position:  Once upon a time, it was indispensable for career starters and those willing to change jobs to prepare professionally for job interviews and assessment centers. Now it is your turn as a company to present yourself in such a way that the potential employee becomes curious and makes his or her manpower available to you.

How compatible are your corporate values with the values of today’s generation? Can you compete for qualified employees? How far have you progressed in developing an attractive employer brand?

We are happy to support you in shaping the dialogue between the generations. We offer lectures as well as seminars and individual workshops.

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