Innovation - a self-runner in healthy organizationsHealth - 6/6

Innovation is a self-runner in healthy companies, it is a matter of course. In a healthy company, other dynamics prevail. In sick companies, innovation must be initiated, generated and implemented under pressure.

In healthy companies, on the other hand, the employee no longer sees himself as someone who has to complete an order. He does it of his own free will, precisely because he has recognized that he is making a meaningful contribution to (world) society and not just earning a living.

In a healthy company, the employee sees himself as someone who has the task of reinventing the company, his own job, and even himself on a daily basis, and thus being the motor of innovation. 

Whether an employee, a supplier or even a customer is prepared to show such a degree of integrity towards the company depends to a large extent on how he is treated and how he deals with himself. In a healthy company, every stakeholder knows that he or she is important and valued for success. He is not a means to an end, but a partner. He notices that his contribution can make a difference and is valued for it. This appreciation forms the basis of his integrity and is the foundation of his performance and will.

Here, too, an urgent paradigm shift is necessary. In particular, the higher-level controlling and management processes in most companies prevent employees, suppliers, and customers from seeing themselves as innovators. The lack of inclusion and consideration prevents integrity in relation to the assumption of responsibility for the future by the employee. The employee withdraws into his excerpt, does not think and act innovatively in the sense of the whole company, which would also immediately bring him into massive conflict with the existing systems. The innovative power of employees, suppliers, and customers is massively blocked and does not benefit the company. The situation is quite different with companies that succeed in having their employees see themselves as innovation managers who have the mandate and mandate to reinvent the company and themselves every day.


Healthy companies are the organizations in which or with which people want to work permanently as employees, suppliers or customers. They experience esteem, partnership, joint development and shaping the future. Healthy companies create integrity together with their partners and are resilient, stable and innovative. They make a contribution to society and consequently produce social relevance and sustainability.

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