Allein an einem Strang ziehen?

Are you also surrounded by people who think first and foremost of themselves and think they can do everything best on their own? And who don’t want to realize that individualism and individualism stand in the way of a common goal? As responsible managers, whether in sports, politics or in companies, you will be confronted with this challenge on a daily basis: How do I turn a group of individualists into a team in which the strengths and abilities of the individual are not lost and used in a targeted manner?

A good team is unbeatable

Complex tasks and pressure to be efficient presuppose the efficiency and willingness to perform of the employees and make working in a team unavoidable! However, the overall clout depends on the quality of the cooperation between the people involved. Good cooperation increases employee satisfaction, which leads to higher product and service quality, customer satisfaction increases and thus leads to sales increases: A positive cycle is created!

Pulling a string together

The successful mastering of challenges can only succeed through open communication, effective cooperation, creative ideas, respect and genuine trust in each other. This releases enthusiasm and motivation – the two essential guarantors of success.

Outdoor Training – get down to it together, instead of discussing!

How does YOUR team become a high-performance team, which ensures you sustainable success? Hardly any topic is more sensitive to the discrepancy between theory and practice. Conventional team development usually follows a rather intellectual approach. In contrast, our concept for the implementation of professional team training, which has been tried and tested over many years, is experience-oriented and offers a high degree of authenticity.

True to the motto “Learning NATUR(E)ally how a successful team works”. Our outdoor training’s use nature’s learning field: Change of setting = Change of mind! Our experience shows that a change of location causes a change of perspective and thus brings new wind and new thought-provoking impulses into the team. 
The group becomes a team
Our outdoor team tasks with a high level of practical relevance promote the problem-solving potential and creativity of the team members. The team gets involved in concrete challenges and experiences joint successes through borderline experience. Real personal encounters between the participants spur on and strengthen the team spirit! The transfer of the daily work routine is ensured by self-reflection of all participants and YOUR team pulls together in the future!

Trainer recommendation

Today the question is not whether teamwork makes sense, but whether you are part of a good or a less good team!

Our trainers for your success: Rüdiger Westhauser, Senior Expert for Adventure Education

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