Stagnation? - No way! It's time for change!

If you want to be happy, you need courage!

  • Courage to change
  • Courage to build new bridges
  • Courage to leave old paths
  • Courage to break new ground

EVERYTHING is in flux, nothing stands still…
…and often you feel carried away by the vortex of change. If change processes in companies are accompanied by wrongly or not at all, not only employees but also managers can feel as if they are up to their neck in the water.

But that doesn’t have to be the case! Change processes are lived dynamic processes. The challenge is to structure them and approach them systematically.

Because one thing is clear: 
Systematic change management achieves more change goals!

4 tips for the success of your change process

  1. Change needs wanting
    Willingness to change is the key to success;
    no change without the will of the managers and employees.
    Make yourself and your employees aware of the opportunities arising from change and clarify the consequences of standstill:
    No change = no further development = no competitiveness
  2. Dealing with resistance
    Every process of change generates resistance, especially when the object of change has identity-creating significance for those affected.
    Take the fears and concerns of your employees seriously and ask questions. If fears are not addressed and expressed, they block further development.
  3. Attention to the phases in change management
    Change processes go through different phases. Change is not possible without prior destabilization of a system. Skipping or shortening individual phases leads to internal and external resistance and thus ultimately prolongs the process.
  4. Competence of the Change Guide
    Change processes often trigger strong emotional reactions among those affected. The change manager should therefore know and be able to handle psychological processes as well as have good project management skills.

Trainer recommendation

An external perspective often helps to shed light on the change process. Make an appointment with our change experts for a non-binding consultation and benefit from our extensive experience!

Our trainers for your success: Karsten Wagner, Senior Expert for Change-Topics

  • Change Management
  • Team development and leadership
  • Stress management and resilience
  • Communication and conflict management

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