From Specialist to Manager

Duration: 2-3 days
Participants: max. 10
Detailed seminar documents
Owner Of Engineering Factory Using Digital Tablet With Staff In Background
Executives of middle management levels

The seminar addresses aspiring executives without formal management education who need a compact overview of the leadership-know-how in order to find their way around the new role as fast as possible.


  • Dealing with the changed professional role
  • Get to know and practice the most important leadership techniques
  • Personal reflection and first steps towards developing your own leadership style
  • Dealing with difficult employees and situations


Self-image and role

  • Leading, presiding, leading – approaching a difficult topic
  • In thankless a position: the sandwich position
  • Values and drivers

Leadership and self-responsibility

  • Self-management as a prerequisite
  • Balance as a success factor
  • Meta-communicational leadership – keep an eye on yourself

Leadership style

  • Overview
  • See your own qualities
  • Develop your own style

Communication as a core competence

  • Active listening in 3 steps
  • Concise messages – show your colors
  • Manage and structure conversations
Tasks and instruments

  • Plan and control
  • Motivate and inspire
  • Quality management and criticism
  • Change management – shaping changes

The leader as a team leader

  • Features of high-performance teams
  • Motivation and self-responsibility
  • „Set up“ and develop the team

The „difficult“ employee

  • Different is not the same
  • The value of the difference
  • Remain sovereign in critical situations


Lectures, group work, discussion, dialogue scenes and exercises, feedback, handling of practice cases

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