Methods and Techniques of Negotiation

Duration: 2 days
Participants: min. 8, max. 10
Detailed seminar documents
Handshake of businessmen greeting each other
Leading negotiations safely and successfully to the goal!

Negotiation results are the result of your interviewing, the techniques used and the attitude you take towards your opponent. In addition, good preparation is essential when it comes to negotiating safely and successfully to the goal.


In this seminar, the participants learn how to properly prepare for negotiations and define their maximum or minimum goals. They learn how to guide the interlocutor through questions and goal-oriented reasoning. The focus is on the concentrated perception of behavior, the analysis of the opponent’s lines of argument as well as the constructive handling of conversational tactics.


  • The Harvard concept: negotiate properly – negotiate successfully
  • Techniques of dialectics
  • Body language
  • Practical negotiation exercises to increase personal impact and to support practical implementation.
  • Detailed feedback with video support


Lecture, doctrinal talk, discussion, group work, individual work, partner work, role play,

conversation and situation training (with video)

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